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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pressure Canning Class

I was thrilled when I found the Presto 23 quart pressure canner, as it is one of the few I can actually use on my flat-top stove.  I *REALLY* wish I had a gas stove so I could get an All American canner, but this will have to do until the stove dies and we get a plumber in to run the gas line (I much prefer cooking with gas.  I also like the idea of being able to cook when the power goes out.)

I have already used it for the rose petal jelly and also the hot pepper jelly, but I really want to be able to can meats and non-acidic foods.  (My freezer is full of organic, free-range chicken right now after I got a great deal on it at Harris Teeter.  A power outage would be costly.  Pressure canning it in jars would allow me to store it in the pantry, not the freezer!)

So, when I saw that Roses Ridge Farm in Chesapeake was offering a class, I was super excited.
I was pleasantly surprised to see how easy it was and can't wait to try my hand at it.
I will also confess that I learned one very important lesson:  With all the Boiling Water Canning I've done, I've been holding the jar lifter UPSIDE DOWN!!!  I got a good laugh out of that one.  Yes, I am a blonde!

We all gnoshed on marvelous homemade goodies and got to go home with a jar of carrots and some pumpkin spice soap from Roses Ridge.  My friend Lindy (who I know from MOPS back in IL) was able to come along, so it's always nice spending time with old friends, especially those who share the 'putting-by' mentality.  This was the first class hosted at the farm, hopefully it won't be the last!

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