Rosey the Riveter

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I've tried to make homemade crackers several times before, and haven't really loved any of the recipes.  Either they tasted like cardboard, or I couldn't get them to roll thin enough, or they were too greasy... you name it.  Today I decided to try THIS RECIPE for Homemade Rosemary Crackers that I pinned awhile back on Pinterest.  We have two beautiful Rosemary plants out in the garden.
I don't usually cook with it.  So I've been at a loss as to how to use it.  A few weeks ago, I made some great potato chips and the kids loved them... which told me they wouldn't complain about the Rosemary in the crackers.

The dough was really easy to mix up with the dough-hook of my mixer.  And better yet, it was also really easy to roll out on the cookie sheet.  Next time, I'll be a little more liberal with the salt.  I played it very safe this time because I didn't want to ruin them!  Also, I used half whole wheat pastry flour.

I am here to tell you that the Rosemary is not at all overpowering (it does get stronger the next day), and these babies are GREAT with cream cheese and homemade pepper jelly!
This is less that half the batch so it does make a decent amount.  Definitely a keeper.


  1. This was my favorite thing I ate at the class. It was soooooo delicious! Thanks!


  2. Glad you liked them. They are super easy!