Rosey the Riveter

Monday, March 12, 2012


We've had our fair share of rainy days here lately and I've been forced inside.  Housework beacons.  As I was clearing off a bookcase shelf overflowing with last years seed catalogs, I couldn't bear to part with the 2011 Comstock Ferre.  The illustrations were gorgeous, and this New England girl loves that the folks at Baker Creek saved the old company.

I decided to upcycle the beautiful artwork into notecards, and I love the results!  These are only about half of them... the rest are mostly vegetables and will be perfect for sending to fellow gardeners.  I wish I was feeling witty and could come up with some humorous sentiments for the insides ("My heart beets for you"... "I've bean thinking about you"  Or how about "You're like a radish... you get hotter with age.  Happy Birthday!").

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