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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Strawberry Shortcake

Normally, I buy organic strawberries.  And in about 5 weeks, I'll be able to actually go to a farm and pick them myself.  But lately I've been in a fruit funk... I try to buy seasonal and I'm so tired of apples and pears and oranges.  Part of the problem is that last summer, in the middle of a move, I couldn't 'put up' anything.  No peaches or blueberries or plums or raspberries or any other flavor of summer.

So today when I saw strawberries on sale buy one get one, I stopped.  And I looked.  They were Florida strawberries, not California like they usually are.  (I absolutely will NOT buy them from CA since they passed that law allowing the use of a really nasty chemical for strawberries.)  They actually looked good.  I thought about the heavy cream I had in the fridge, and the Baking Mix I had in the cupboard, and I knew we had to have Strawberry Shortcakes for dessert tonight.

I followed the same biscuit recipe... 2 1/4 c Baking Mix and 3/4 c buttermilk, but I also added 1/4 c sugar to make the biscuits a little sweeter to go with the strawberries.  Bake at 425 for 13-15 minutes, and serve with macerated strawberries and fresh whipped cream. Mmmmmm!!!  May be it was the fact we haven't had berries in months and months... but both hubby and I couldn't get over how tasty these were!

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