Rosey the Riveter

Friday, March 23, 2012


Mr. Fed Ex man dropped off my 50 yard roll of 108" tulle today.  It was so easy to put up and I love love love that it's see through!

I didn't know how intelligent the cabbage butterflies were, so I hemmed and hawed about how well to close up the bottom.  Would the butterflies try really hard to get in once they saw the plants, or would they just fly to the OTHER bed where I have a couple other broccoli plants?

Just as I was putting the last clip on, a cabbage butterfly landed on the tulle.  And she would fly and go to another spot and land on the tulle.  This happened a couple of times, and I was spewing forth evil laughter because I WON THE WAR and she couldn't get in!  Finally, she did indeed fly over to an uncovered plant (which will soon be sprayed with hot pepper/garlic spray).  Picture me jumping up and down victoriously.

Enter husband, who was mowing the lawn.  He stops and deadpans "Who's smarter than a butterfly?"


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