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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Homemade Wheat Thins

I've made wheat crackers before and we've all loved the texture and taste.  However, they were very hard to roll thin enough to get really crispy, and I gave up.

Until this morning, when Abby announced she wanted me to make some for her to take to school for snack and lunch.  This time, I went to King Arthur and I was not disappointed.  I could not believe how easy it was to roll this dough thin.

I have had the KA 'Whole Grain Baking' cookbook for awhile.  I don't use it nearly enough.  Now, KA has a TON of great recipes on their website.  But unfortunately, these crackers aren't there.  However, some lovely bloggers have already taken the time to type it up, so I'm not going to.  You can find the recipe HERE or HERE.

I strongly recommend making this in a food processor.  It will save you time cutting in the butter and the dough will come together a lot faster.  I used white whole wheat flour, simply because I'm trying to use up our supply so I can start grinding my own.

After rolling, I used a dough scraper to cut (and transfer to the baking sheet) but a pizza cutter would work, too.

Please don't forget to sprinkle with salt, and watch them carefully so you don't burn them. 

Here's the final product, in all their wheat-crispy-salty goodness:

Way cheaper than buying them, no packaging, and no preservatives.  Win-win.

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