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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Last week, after seeing this Black Swallowtail laying,  I found a few eggs on the monster parsley.  

And a couple of caterpillars on the carrots.  Look close (or click the picture to enlarge), and you can see the black and white cats.

I read somewhere that only 1% of eggs laid will make it to butterfly, so I promptly took them inside and made them a new home in the Butterfly Keepers that Santa brought the girls for Christmas.  It took almost a week, but the little eggs hatched within a few hours of each other.  It was VERY exciting!

They don't need water, just some parsley or dill or carrots or rue.  And a stick to hang off of once it's time for them to become a Chrysalis.  See the black flecks at the bottom?  Caterpillar poop.

I have since found more caterpillars on the parsley... and even the rue, which they completely ignored last year.  We are now up to 15, and it's absolutely amazing to see how quickly they grow and change.  I couldn't believe the difference in the two largest when I came home from the Women's Wellness Weekend!  Stay tuned... in a few weeks we should have butterflies!

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