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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kitchen Projects

I've lived with the pink fake-marble laminate counters for 6 months.  We knew when we bought the house they would have to go (along with the white tile backsplash.)  Several months ago, hubby started removing the tiles.  It was tough going.  He took a long break and eventually decided that the easiest way would be to cut the drywall right off.

It makes me nervous.  I can't even be in the kitchen without feeling sick to my stomach.  I spent all day today outside, just so I wouldn't throw up.  The bonus is that while he took the old hood down, it was a perfect opportunity to spend the $40 to get one that actually matches the stove.

And we finally picked out a slab of granite!  I have nothing against laminate (except when it's PINK fake marble) but we got a great price and found a fabricator who will do the job right.  All the other places wanted to put a seam in the 10' stretch of counter where the sink is.  This one told me to go pick out a slab big enough so they wouldn't have to. 

The guy came to make up the template, so in about 2 weeks, we'll have new counters (and new walls, since hubby needs to finish them before they come to install the granite.)

I am hoping this is the only semi-major improvement we will have to make on the house.  I know we'll end up getting most of our money back when we eventually sell it, but most of the other work was just peeling wallpaper and painting... after the kitchen, it'll just be the ugly, textured wallpaper in the master bath that needs to go.  I can't wait for it all to be done so we can enjoy the upgrades and I can have my kitchen back!

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