Rosey the Riveter

Sunday, April 22, 2012


The other day, we moved our bees from their little Nuc box into their actual hive.  They were going crazy drawing out comb.  Unfortunately, it was underneath the frames and not ON the frames.  So, we had to take it off in order to fit them in the hive box.

We couldn't find the queen, but we know she's there.  There were lots of eggs and larvae so we know she's laying.
I took the Nuc box home and put it in a tree in hopes of catching a swarm.  I think my chances aren't as good now as they were a few weeks ago, but you never know.  I had lemongrass essential oil, so I put some on a q-tip and put that in the Nuc.  It mimics the pheromones from the queen and will attract scout bees to the box.  Ideally, I would put a piece of comb in there, too, but I need to treat it first to prevent wax moths from moving in.

If I were a bee, I'd want to live there.

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