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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Musings

This was the first year that I cooked a fresh turkey.  So fresh, that it was warm when I picked it up at the farm.  As I was picking over the carcass after Thanksgiving, I came to the conclusion that there are only two things I dislike more than that very unpleasant task:  Chuck E Cheese and Black Friday.  Ergo, next year I have decided to just cook a turkey breast.  And it will be in the crock-pot, so I don't have to play the "How are we going to cook the rolls and the greenbean casserole with a turkey in the oven" game. 

Truth be told, I didn't notice any difference in taste, either, between the usual (cheap and inhumanely treated) supermarket frozen turkey and the (much more expensive, local) farm-raised turkey.  I can definitely tell the difference when in comes to chicken, so I was a little disappointed.

I've also decided that at some point when I free time (?!?!?!) I am going to put together a Holiday Notebook that holds all of the standard recipes and also a master shopping list for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I can avoid a last-minute trip to the store for the evaporated milk I didn't have in the pantry. 

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