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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All-Season Upcycled Wreath

This beauty was inspired by Pinterest, to which I am hopelessly addicted.  But I try really hard to actually MAKE some of my pins to justify my obsession.  The first project I ever made was a Thankful Tree, and it's been the perfect centerpiece for this Autumn Season.
The girls had a blast helping me punch out the circles and holes and then writing things they were thankful for.

The wreath was also a super easy (and equally as inexpensive) project.  A bunch of WalMart bags, a wire hanger, and some scissors are all you need!  It took me about five evenings in front of the tv to cut and tie the strips (I found I could do about 2 bags, then I got bored or tired).  I plan to add different ribbons depending on the season (red and green for Christmas, blue or purple or silver for the remainder of winter, green for St. Patty's Day, pastel for spring, red white and blue for summer...)  Since we don't have a basement in this house, storage space is at a premium and I can't justify having half a dozen different wreaths, so this really is perfect.

I especially like it against the red of our front door.

I may even consider making more for gifts.  Or to use as a centerpiece (with a candle in the middle, may be?)

It's ridiculously simple.  Gather about 10 white plastic bags and a wire hanger bent into a circle.
Fold in the sides of each bag so it is almost rectangular.
Fold the bag in half the long way (hotdog fold).
Do it again.
We're going to cut strips parallel to the bottom, about an inch or so thick.

Cut all the way up the bag.
You will now have lots of rings.
Cut each ring into 4 equal parts by cutting in half...
 ...and then in half again.
You want to keep only the strips that are all white.  If they have any writing on them, throw them away.
You can also use the handles.
Fold them in half
Cut them in half the long way, then you will have two more strips.
Start tying the strips around the hanger, pushing them closely together.  This is about 4 or 5 bags' worth of strips.  I lost count.

You will want to give the wreath a 'hair cut' to neaten it up.  You can do it as you go, or wait until you are all done.

Now, what are you waiting for?  Go forth and make cheap wreaths!

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