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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Napkins and Rings

Last weekend, I went to a sewing class sponsored by the Virginia Urban Homesteaders League.  I was hoping I could find out what was wrong with my sewing machine.  Almost 10 years ago, I took lessons and made this quilt while Stephen was deployed.

I also made some rag quilts, which were a lot of fun.  So I can sew, but only straight lines.  But then one kid and then a second came along, and the sewing machine stayed safely tucked away in a closet.

Last winter, I decided I wanted to make a pillowcase dress or two for the girls, and almost tore my hair out.  I couldn't get the sewing machine to stitch right, despite checking everything imaginable.

So, last Sunday I toted out the machine which is still going strong after five moves, and with the help of a wonderful lady whose name I didn't get, we determined that I had the WRONG FOOT on the machine.  It was plastic.  I needed a metal one.

So zippedee do dah, I was able to sew up 8 napkins for Thanksgiving.

But then I saw some really cute burlap napkin rings on Pinterest and decided I wanted some, too.  They were so easy and quick I may have to make more for other holidays!

Step One:  Cut your burlap into strips.  I forgot to measure the size of these, but you can eyeball.

Step Two:  Form a strip into a ring.

Step Three:  Starting from above, start sewing the button on.  Leave a strip hanging for tying later.

Step Four:  Make a couple stitches, then tie off.

Step Five:  Trim


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