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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Homemade Tortillas

What to do when there's no meat defrosted and you're too sick to go to the store?  Bulgar Tacos for dinner!

Except, of course, we only had one taco shell left in the house.  I've always wanted to try making my own, so I decided this would be it.

I used this recipe and didn't have any lard, so I used Earth Balance Shortening-Substitute (no hydrogenation).  It was super easy to mix up and knead.
Original directions said to divide into 24 pieces.  I did 16, and then got 2 extras by stealing from the larger balls.
Roll thin and then transfer to skillet.
When they bubble and are golden, turn and cook the other side.
It would have been much easier with a helper, since they only need to cook for a short time and it takes awhile to roll out.  Or, may be roll them all out and stack between layers of wax paper?

I only ended up cooking half of them.  I froze the rest of the balls and am hoping they will be ok next time we have tacos.

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  1. My daughter is my helper for making tortillas. She mans the skillet while I roll them out and put them in there. I have a recipe from Taste of Home magazine for tortillas made with oil (I only use canola or olive oil) Yummy!!!!