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Friday, July 12, 2013

What's Goin' on in My World

It's been a busy summer.  I feel like I haven't yet gotten into a groove, and it's half over already!

The other day we found a lump under Scarlett's wing.  It's soft, and there's no sign of infection.  Hubby was a grand sport and went to the local drug store in search of a syringe so we could see if there was anything in it.  So, we wrapped Scarlett in a towel and I got the grand task of inserting the syringe.  Unfortunately, I couldn't draw anything out of it.  It could be an air pocket.  It could be a fat deposit.  Who knows.  Neither are causes for concern.
Scarlett is eating and running and pecking and laying profusely, so we will keep an eye on it, but I'm trying not to worry about it.

I went a little nuts at the last produce auction.  I spent over $50 and came home with onions, potatoes, corn, peas, and tomatoes.
So I spent yesterday trying to process as much as I could.  I canned a batch of salsa, a batch of homemade Rotel, and 7 quarts of corn.  I dehydrated more corn and the peas and some of the potatoes.
Then I cleaned up the kitchen, which was a huge mess.

And then I made a double batch of these which made another mess!  I discovered the recipe last week and the 4 mini-loaves were gone in less than 24 hours, so I knew it was a keeper of a recipe, especially since we are rolling in zucchini and blueberries right now!

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