Rosey the Riveter

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Jammin' it Up!

Some of you know that my favorite blog in the world is "Chickens in the Road".  I started following Suzanne and her adventures while we were living in IL, before having chickens and bees and a garden were even glints in my eye.  And one of the gals who I met online via CITR is Robin, who blogs over at Rurification.

I've made several of Robin's Jam recipes (including her "Cherry Jam, Three Ways") and they always turn out great.  I particularly appreciate that they are low-sugar.  I'm using Pomona's Pectin this year with my jams, and I am loving it.  This type of pectin doesn't rely on sugar to set, so you can use as little as you want (or even honey!)

So imagine how excited I was this morning to read that she's coming out with an e-book full of low-sugar jam recipes!  If you click on this link, you can read her announcement and get the code which allows you to purchase the collection for only $1.99!!!!!  I love a good bargain, and supporting fellow homesteaders, which is why I'm passing this info on to you (I get no kick-backs or anything!)

It's peach and blackberry and blueberry season here...  time to get busy!


  1. Pretty jam!! I love looking at a collection of full jam jars when they've just come out of the canner. [and thanks very much for the link to the blog!]

  2. Got it. Thanks so much for sharing the code for savings on this lovely book!!! (Now... which do I make first...)

  3. Got it! I'm psyched to try out some recipes.