Rosey the Riveter

Sunday, May 27, 2012


I mentioned the Pepperoncini the other day... here's a good shot of my two beauties:

Hubby has started to spread the pea gravel.  I think it's looking really good!  In the blue container, I have some sort of melon growing (yeah, I didn't label them.  I'll know what they are as soon as they fruit.  The plan is to have them trellis along the fence.)  I'm also hoping to train the grape along the fence.  We have one cluster of fruit...  mostly I planted it to trap beetles, but if we get real fruit, even better!
Roma is ripening.  We're having tacos on Wednesday, so I'm hoping the warm weather will help it along in time!  The yellow leaves?  I think I'm going to be battling leaf spot.  I don't think it's blight (fingers crossed).

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