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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Where's the Beef?

After a long search, I finally located a local farm offering grass-fed beef.  As in ALL grass fed, not finished on grain.  I reserved a 1/4 of a side, and the price was $4.25/lb, which is way cheaper than just buying grass-fed ground beef, ON SALE, at the grocery store.  The best part was that once a month, Windhaven also delivers beef and pork to the Chesapeake area... so I didn't even have to drive out to the farm (about an hour away) to get it!

It came nicely vacuum packed and labeled in these two boxes:

We got 26 1-lb packages of ground beef, 3 packs of stew meant, 3 chuck roasts, 6 Delmonic steaks, 6 NY strips, 5 Filets, 3 chuckeye, 2 flat iron, 1 brisket, 1 flank, 1 hanging tender, 1 eye round, 2 top round, 1 bottom round, 2 sirloin tip roasts, 2 sirloin strip, 3 packages of short ribs, 2 4lb packages of soup bones, plus the heart, liver and oxtail which I have NO CLUE how to use!  In total, it was about 150 pounds of beef.

It took up one whole shelf in the kitchen freezer, plus most of the small upright out in the garage (I had to plug it in and get it up and running, since I hadn't needed it since we moved in.)  Just about the time we start making a dent in the beef, our 1/2 pig should be ready sometime in June, so I seriously doubt I'll be able to unplug that freezer anytime soon.  We'll see how it affects the electric bill, but at this point I don't even care... it's SO nice knowing that we have a freezer full of quality meat.

I also got some pork from Windhaven.  I cooked up the picnic shoulder yesterday and it is absolutely delicious.  There's also some bacon and sausage which I can't wait to try.  Now, if only I could find a good source of chickens, I'd be all set!

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  1. I have a really good oxtail soup recipe...I will dig it out for you!