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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


As I may have mentioned before, I was late planting my carrots.  As in they didn't get planted until mid-November, if I remember correctly.  They took forever to germinate (as carrots do) and the tops grew to about 3-4" high and that was it.  They went dormant for the winter.  The carrots themselves were about 4" long but very pale orange.  They had a strong carrot taste.  Once the days started getting longer and the temps started warming, I was sure they'd start growing again.

Except they didn't.

But since I didn't need the space, I left them there.  And the occasional check revealed that the carrots themselves were getting thicker even if their tops weren't doing anything.

Today I actually harvested some, and while a couple were stunted and small, I was pleasantly surprised at the haul.  I've got about 12 square feet planted, and this is what grew in about 2 sq. feet.  Still plenty left to tide us through until the spring harvest.

They are Danvers Half Long, and according to the package they are 6-8" long which most of mine were.  I got the seeds free from the Master Gardeners at a fair last fall, so these are absolutely no-cost organic carrots.  I have always loved free food.  Once upon a time in my life, it was processed stuff from couponing that I was bringing home for free.  I much prefer being able to step out to the garden and bringing home produce, instead!

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