Rosey the Riveter

Monday, February 13, 2012

Two days of winter!

For the past two nights, we've dipped down into the mid 20s.  I knew if I wanted to save some of my tender seedlings, I'd have to bring my winter-sown jugs inside.  (The cabbages and broccoli and any seeds that hadn't yet sprouted were left out.)  So now I have a kitchen ghetto:

Let's peek inside!

Mammouth Sunflowers:


Batchelor's Buttons:


Anise Hyssop:



And the English Daisies:

I am especially excited about the dill and the anise hyssop, because those are seeds that I collected from my own plants.  It makes me feel like a real gardener to be growing plants from free seeds!!!


  1. Wow, you have sprouts already!? How fun!! You could also just throw a blanket over these sprouting containers outside, if you don't want a kitchen ghetto! :-) That's what I usually do. I still have a long list of seeds to sow this winter. I have been taking it slow, because I'm worried about premature sprouting (I'm in MN and we have plenty of winter left, it was blow zero the other day - tomorrow it'll be 40).

    Good luck with your sprouts!


    1. I've had sprouts since the middle of January... the first ones up were the cabbages and broccoli and they are thriving out there... I tried to find a blanket to throw over them but couldn't find any 'yucky' ones that I didn't care about getting dirty! That's why I hauled 'em in... they've survived light frosts, but I knew they wouldn't survive the low 20s. Our low for the next 10 days is 35, so I'm hoping I'm good. It's been a very warm winter so far!