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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Winter Sowing Update

We had a good wind storm the other night and it knocked over a couple of my winter sowing jugs.  Now I understand the wisdom behind just dumping soil in the jug and planting that way, rather than in individual cups like I tried to do.  So, I've planted up about ten more containers (at this point, all of the seeds I've ordered have arrived.)  For the most part, I have allocated one container per variety.  It would be easier to do more, but at his point I don't know if the whole experiment is going to work, or not...  I know others in cooler parts of the country have great luck with it, but it doesn't seem as popular here in zone 8.  So, I'm saving enough seed so that if I have to direct sow, I can.  Our growing season is long enough that it shouldn't be a problem, even for the peppers.  (I'm only growing two new varieties... paprika and mini belle.  I have the Bell and Jalapeno from last summer's garden over-wintering inside, and it looks like they are going to be just fine.)

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