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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Walk Around the Homefront

It's 62 and sunny today... the perfect day to get the garden prepped for upcoming planting, right?  Um, no.  The wind is horrible!  I did manage to get the equivalent of two rows hoed and covered.  Come take a walk and see what else I've been up to!

All four rhubarb plants are coming up nicely.  I had to put chicken wire around them because apparently our resident rabbit doesn't realize rhubarb leaves are poisonous.

I have corralled my 'garden ghetto' into one spot now that I'm getting the other beds ready for spring.

This is what the broccoli looks like inside it's happy little 'greenhouse'.

The cabbage is also starting to sprout.

The carrots have wintered well.  They haven't grown much but I haven't covered them at all.  I suspect now that we are closing in on 10 hours of daylight, they will start to grow again (I read somewhere that's the magic number.)

The parsley and cilantro are doing amazingly well, also.  Again, haven't done a thing to them.  Supposedly, our low for the year is 20 and they don't look any worse for the wear.

I have one last cabbage that is still growing, and every so often I can cut enough side shoots off the broccoli to serve with dinner.  In another couple of weeks, though, I'll be tearing them out and getting this bed ready for spring.

Here you can see the garlic I planted in the fall, as well as the new trellising that was so easy to put up.

The only thing left in these beds are more carrots that aren't doing nearly as nice as the others.  I can't for the life of me figure out why, but at least the harvest will be staggered.
The compost bins are waiting for warmer weather so they can get back to making black gold.  We'll be planting milkweed for the monarchs on the right side of them.

The new peach tree is still dormant, but I am so looking forward to watching it grow!

My clothesline has arrived, but since we're not permanently cementing it in the ground, I need to find an umbrella stand for it.  And it's too tall, so Stephen will have to take the hacksaw to it!

The jalapeno inside is doing well.  As you can see, many of the flowers are dropped and it's time for the peppers to start growing.

I rooted an assortment of herbs and they are faring fine.

The oregano plant I have is huge and probably past it's prime, so one of these plants will replace it.  The others will be brought to an upcoming plant swap.

Someone tell these roses it's January.  Every other bush has gone dormant!

These are the some of the daffodils and tulips I planted around the tree in our front yard.  They've been peeking out for several weeks now, but I suspect the mild temps will hurry them along.  I've been told the tulips won't come back (not enough chill time here) but we'll see.  I'll enjoy them for the first year anyway.  Apparently, daffodils do really well here so I'm looking forward to them.

That's it for now!  Hopefully I'll have a lot of new sprouted seeds to show you in a few weeks!

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  1. The milk jugs are brilliant!! Thank you for sharing your great ideas.