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Friday, August 2, 2013

Welcome to Athens

I've been MIA all week...  because I've been knee-deep in VBS.  The theme this year was "Athens" and I was snack coordinator.  I had a ton of fun coming up with authentic Greek dishes for the kids to try.  There was homemade red pepper hummus and tzitziki, homemade bread with dipping oil, nut-free baklava made with dried fruit, olives, grape leaves, Feta, octopus, figs, dates, and apricots along with rustic crackers and grapes and melons.

The kids loved it, even though it was all 'real' food and not typical of the usual VBS fare.  And they ate all the octopus!  I was so proud of them for trying new things.  There were no sugary drinks, either.  Just water from "the well in Athens."

 They loved the bread, of course!
 Colorful veggies, dried beans, and wheat berries served as decorations.
 It was truly a feast!

Now it's on to other things... like packing for my trip next week to the Eastern Apiculture Society Conference in PA.  I am very much looking forward to it, especially Thursday when I will be immersed in Apitherapy classes.

But first... we are anticipating several new additions to the Homestead.  Stay tuned!

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