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Friday, May 3, 2013

Baking in a Wood-Fired Oven

Our homesteading group is made up of some pretty great people.  And many of those pretty great people have some pretty great talents.  And some of those people take the time to share those talents with the rest of us, which is what makes a great group even better.

This morning I was lucky enough to go to Jackie's breadmaking workshop and see how an outside wood-fired oven works. 

We started with learning how to make the dough to the right consistency and learning how to gently knead it.
While our loaves were rising, we learned about the oven itself and all the prep work that has to happen before it's time to bake.  Then, we scored our loaves and put them in the oven.
 After about 20 minutes, we had beautiful loaves.

And we were able to taste-test a wood-fired baked loaf and one loaf baked in the indoor oven.  They were both amazing.  But the crust of the wood-fired loaf was so crispy and delicious, it was definitely my favorite.  I even thought the butter was super good... come to find out it was from Food Lion!!!

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