Rosey the Riveter

Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 in Review

This information will be coming in handy as I plan for next year (more on that later.)  I've marked with asterisks our favorites, which will be first priority in 2013.


Kiwi Jam: 5 jelly jars  ***
Kiwi Preserves: 3 jelly jars
Cider-Cranberry Jelly: 7 jelly jars
Kiwi Daiquiri Jam: 5 jelly jars 


Pear Ginger Jam: 5 jelly jars
Cinnamon Pear Jam: 8 jelly jars 
Wild Violet Jelly: 4 jelly jars

Strawberry Kiwi Jam: 6 jelly jars  ***
Strawberry Vanilla Jam: 4 jelly jars ***
Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate: 7-12oz jars
Strawberry Rhubarb Jam: 8 jelly jars ***
Black Beans: 7 quarts

Strawberry Jalapeno Jam: 9 jelly jars
Strawberry Lemon Marmalade: 8 jelly jars
Strawberry Anise Hyssop Jam: 6.5 jelly jars ***
Strawberry Orange Jam: 8 jelly jars

Strawberry Anise Hyssop: 3 jelly jars
Peach Jalapeno: 4 jelly jars
Pineapple Coconut Jalapeno: 5 jelly jars  ***
Caramel Apple Jam: 6 jelly jars  ***


Cherry Lemon Verbena Jam: 4.5 jelly jars
Peaches: 4 quarts
Sweet Pickle Relish: 6 pts  ***
Cherry Peach Vanilla Jam: 3.5 jelly jars  ***
Peach Strawberry Cinnamon Jam: 5 jelly jars  ***
Blueberry Cinnamon: 4 jelly jars
Cherry Marmalade: 4 jelly jars
Corn: 3 pints
Corn Cob Jelly: 6 jelly jars
Peaches: 7 quarts
Cherry Vanilla Cardamom Jam: 4.5 jelly jars
Corn Cob Jelly: 6 jelly jars
Peach Jelly: 9 jelly jars
Spiced Blackberry Jam  ***


9 pts salsa  ***
7 pts bbq sauce
7 pts rotel  ***
3 jelly jars spiced grape jam
7 jj Peach Coconut Rum Sauce  ***
5 jj Ginger Peach Jam
13 jj Strawberry Peach Jam
6 jj Peach Jelly
6 jj caramel apple jam  ***
5 jj fig jam
9 jj mango jam
13pints hot salsa
14 qts grape juice  ***
5 jj strawberry watermelon jam
4 pts beef stock
15 pts pear sauce
9 pts B&B pickles  ***
7 qts Mrs. Wages Dill pickles  ***
6 qts Apple Pie Filling   ***
9 pts apple sauce
5 jj cantaloupe vanilla jam
5 jj peach salsa
7 pts rotel
6 qts Peach Pie Filling ***


4 jj concord grape jelly
5 qts mincemeat
17 qts applesauce
4 jj apple butter
5 jj watermelon jelly
7 pts wm marachino jelly


5 jj Carrot Cake Jam
5 pts Rum Raisin Pear Butter
5 jj Carrot Cake Jam w/o coconut
9 pts spiced apples
7 qts apple pie filling
lots of T.O.E. jam (Tangerine, Orange, Elderberry)
6 jj apple butter
5 qts mincemeat
9 jj whiskey raisin apple butter


32 pints chicken


  1. Hi-
    Looks like you've been busy canning! Is there any chance you might be interested in sharing your T.O.E. Jam recipe with some fellow canners? I am part of a Facebook group and we have been searching for this recipe to no avail...
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Denise Brown

    1. I made it up, and it turned out pretty bitter, so I never wrote it down. I will tell you that Tangerines, Oranges and Elderberries are all acidic, so if you take any marmelade recipe and use the oranges and tangerines, you can use elderberry juice instead of water...

      It is great mixed with cocktail sauce over meat balls, though!

    2. P.S. Which group on FB? I'm a member of "Canning"

    3. Wow, that was quick... :)

      Earth to Glass Canning. Great group- promotes home gardening and home canning. All about friendship, helping each other learn and grow, and always: safety first. Come join us!

      I will pass your info on to them.
      Thank you!!