Rosey the Riveter

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Fonte Dam

 This morning we embarked on the first of many Boonie Stomps here on Guam.  We chose to start with the short hike to Fonte Dam, because it's really near our house and it was rated as a pretty easy hike.  We had a great view of the water tumbling over the dam because we're in the middle of raining season.  However, that also meant that there was a lot of slippery mud.  I was grateful Stephen remembered the hiking stick, which I quickly claimed as my own.

The dam was made in 1910, a project of the Navy under the Taft Administration to provide the capital city with water.

 "Look, Mom!  The toads are hugging!"
We decided to kill two birds with one stone and continue hiking on to the Libugon Radio Station that was destroyed by the Japanese in the early 1940s.  It was a hard trail to follow, but we finally found the ruins.
 Pretty sure when Dad made that walking stick he never envisioned it being used on Guam!
By the end of the hike, the girls were DONE!  Click on this picture and get a good laugh at Jojo's face!


  1. This is exactly what AA would've wanted for you---- very happy times.

  2. Do you know of any other groups for Va. Urban Homesteaders League? I was on there for a few years. I paid dues but didn't attend. Wanted to check it out. Sent an email or two and am blocked. I am thinking someone is angry at me, but for what I don't know. Do you know of any other groups I can connect with?