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Thursday, August 6, 2015

First Market in Guam

It has rained every day since we arrived on the island.  Not constantly, but it's been cloudy every day which has been a nice break from the sun.  Thankfully, the weather held and we were able to enjoy the night market in Mangilao.

I was all about getting my hands on local produce.  The husband and kids were all about eating meat on a stick.  In the end, we all were happy.

The first new-to-us fruit we tried was Santol.  It's the yellow ones on the left in the photo above.  It has a mild citrus-y taste (almost like a grapefruit?).  Apparently, you can make santol marmalade but I only bought a few so we'll be eating them raw.

We didn't buy any juice, but I had to take this picture because I was proud of myself for knowing what the purple Ube is.  (It's a purple yam/sweet potato very popular in the Philippines.  I know this thanks to my VA neighbor, Cathy, who once made us Ube ice cream!)  We also passed on the fish balls.

There were several vendors selling grilled chicken on a stick, and we tried one from everybody.  The unanimous winner was Dada's BBQ.  Yum-o.

For dessert, Joanna decided she wanted Tapioca pudding.  This was not at all like the chilled, thick goodness we know and love.  It was warm and soupy, and absolutely out of this world.  Even Abby ate it, and she doesn't like tapioca!

"Farm to Table Guam" was there with some beautiful produce, and I got to introduce myself to Rita, their PR person.  Hoping to get some canning/dehydrating classes on the island!

Not a bad haul for my first market.  Clockwise from top left: some little bananas, long string beans, santol, guava, star fruit, avocados, dragon fruit, and soursop.  I feel a tropical fruit salad coming on!

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