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Monday, June 10, 2013

Spring Larder Swap

What was I thinking, scheduling the Larder Swap the weekend before school gets out?  Oh, I know... it was the only time the room at the Library was available!  We tried something new at this one and invited the kids to come and have their own swap.  It was so neat seeing the next generation of homesteaders and their creations!

My friend Donna Rae snapped this picture of my girls.  Joanna made cinnamon raisin bagels (so good, by the way) and Abby made homemade nutella.

Speaking of Donna Rae, here she is with her daughter Trista.  I'm sure she was as thrilled about unloading swapping her borage as I was about getting rid of swapping my monarda punctata and chocolate mint!
 Here is my beautiful neighbor Cathy and her amazing infused oils and butters.
 Nancy's husband Wes holds down the fort. 
 Peg brought some Vanilla syrup and Dulce de Lece and homemade cocoa mix.
 Here with have Jackie's amazing breads and Cat's collection of canned goods.
 Cat and Nancy
 Nancy and I
This is the haul we came home with!  Lots of neat stuff to eat (and plant... I got some Lemon Grass from Donna Rae!)

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