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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Larder Swap Preparations

Sunday is the long-anticipated Larder Swap with my Homesteading group.  It's a ton of fun, but it's also a bit of work.  Deciding what to bring to swap is the hard part.  Some people make items specifically for the swap, but I prefer to bring items that are already in my stash. 

This time, I've decided upon Strawberry Peach Jam, Carrot Cake Jam, Creamsicle Jelly, and Chocolate Raspberry Sauce.  I'm also going to grind some Einkorn, which is an ancient wheat, and also bring a batch of Elderberry Syrup made with local honey.  My goal is to gather a decent mix of items that are also somewhat unique... everyone and their brother in this group makes their own laundry detergent, so that's an example of an item I wouldn't bother bringing.  Some people will bake bread, or bring eggs from their chickens, or homemade soap.  Anything goes, as long as it's homemade/home-grown/home-raised and edible or some sort of bath/body product.

Once I decide what to bring, it's time to label it, identify it, make it all pretty.

We will also bring a copy of the recipe.  This is a new requirement, but I think it's going to be helpful for those with dietary restrictions.  It will also help those of us who want to make sure that canned goods are processed according to current recommendations.

For each type of item we bring, there is a corresponding Swap Sheet.  This is where people will 'bid' on our items.  The first part of the Swap involves time to try samples, and bid on what we like.  The second half of the swap is the most chaotic... when we actually wheel and deal and find the people whose stuff we want and also want our own stuff!  The first time we did this, we had 40 people and it was hectic.  This swap will probably be around 30, which I think is actually a better number.

I can't wait to see what I come home with!

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