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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Garden Trellissing

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, and since Dad and Mom are here visiting, I thought I'd take advantage of his skills and get the trellises built for the garden.  I've seen it done several ways, but the directions in my "Square Foot Gardening" book were by far the easiest.

So, while everyone else was out at WalMart and Target, we went to Home Depot and picked up some rebar, some electrical conduit, some 90 degree elbows, and a hacksaw and extra blade.

And literally, in no time at all, the conduit was cut to size, the rebar was hammered into the ground, and the whole thing was up! (Hubby and Dad did it all, so I can't claim any credit.)  I placed them along the northern side of the garden so they wouldn't shade anything... and because they span 4 beds, it will allow me to rotate crops.  I just have to get the netting tied on and we'll be ready for the watermelon, cukes, and peas.

4 elbows @ $5 each... $20
4 10' pieces of conduit @ 2 each... $8    (2 pieces were halved, for 5' height.  The other two were cut to the length of the beds.)
4 3' rebar @ 2 each... $8
(I'm not including the hacksaw, that was an early Christmas gift for hubby!)

The netting will probably run around $15... so for about $50, I've got priceless vertical planting space.  Wahoo!

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