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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Chicken Dreams

One of the reasons I've been so absent lately is that I spent some time back home in New England.  A trip in late-summer meant we were able to attend one of the local fairs, through which we ate ourselves silly.

But it also meant strolls through the animal barns.  In addition to some gorgeous cows and sweet sheep and huge pigs, we particularly enjoyed the chickens.  It was a chance to see some breeds up close and personal, and add them to our mental list of 'someday chickens'.

The Speckled Sussex is at the top of mine, and has been since the spring when I saw them at a friend's farm.  They are a beautiful heritage breed that originated in England (of course!) and came to the states in the early 1900s.
This was a HUGE Colombian Wyandotte.  I am hoping our Windy doesn't grow so large, but she's going to be a looker, that's for sure.
This one was a Blue Orpington.  Truth be told, I couldn't tell the difference between this chicken and our Rosie, who is a Lavender Orp.  Again, I am hoping Rosie doesn't get quite so big!  We might have to add more roosting space if she does.
And I couldn't resist taking a picture of this gorgeous boy.  What a stud!

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