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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Larder Swap!

One of the reasons I haven't posted much lately (other than back-to-school chaos, hosting my folks for a visit, Joanna's b-day party, my get-away to Charlottesville, preparing for the Sustainable Living Fair, and canning the last of summer produce, anyway) is that I've been getting ready for the first Larder Swap hosted by the Virginia Urban Homesteaders League.  There was a great write-up about it in the local paper and you can read the article HERE.  My phone has been ringing off the hook with calls from people who have questions about canning or who want to attend.

I have decided that I'll be taking the Cowboy Candy that I made from local jalapenos, some Peach Jelly made from the orchard right down the road, and Rose Petal Jelly made from the bushes in my back yard.  Can't get a much smaller food-print than that!
I have several other canned items that I could take, but I decided to save them for the next swap.  I wanted to start out with unique items that people aren't likely to have made themselves.  There will be more pictures to follow after the swap, but I am super excited about it and hope everyone has a great time.

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