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Friday, July 13, 2012

What's New?

My clothesline is back!  I'd had it on the deck in the middle of our table... until the winds knocked it over.  Hubby cemented it in the ground and with the recent rains letting up, I was finally able to hang out the laundry. YAY!
The Crepe Myrtles are in full bloom.  They are beautiful, but they are not lilacs.
The compost pile is heating up!  I've been adding about 2 grocery bags a day of stuff to it, and Stephen turned it over the other day, so the temp is really climbing.  I am hoping to get it into the 'hot' range to kill all the weed seeds.
This pretty little plant is a marshmallow!
I just harvested the Stevia the other day and already it is growing quite quickly.
I had to trim this Roma quite a bit... blighted leaves, but I'm hoping that the green tomatoes will ripen.  I'm hoping to try making homemade ketchup if I can get enough of them.
The Valencia Oranges are coming along nicely, but it'll be winter before I can harvest them.
The mathematician in me loves the Fibonacci patterning in sunflowers.  These seeds will be harvested and saved for next year.
Marigold seeds drying.  They aren't my most favorite flowers, but they attract beneficial insects to the garden, so I'll plant them again next year.
These peaches are 'seconds' from the farm down the road.  Normally, a peck sells for $18 but these seconds for canning are $10.  As soon as these get canned up, I'll be going back for more.  They are really good peaches!

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